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Temperature and humidity controller (embedded)


Temperature and humidity controller (embedded)

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The newly designed WSK series adjustable temperature and humidity controller uses imported high-performance humidity and temperature sensors as sensing devices to effectively ensure stable and reliable product performance. The product has obvious dehumidification, moisture-proof and temperature control effects, which can effectively prevent all kinds of accidents caused by damp, creepage, and flashover of electric equipment in operation. It is suitable for use in strong electric fields, strong magnetic fields and various harsh natural environments long-term use.
Scope of application:
Used for anti-condensation of high-voltage switch operating mechanism box, center cabinet, handcart cabinet, etc., automatic heating in low temperature environment, anti-freezing of outdoor terminal box and instrument box, box-type dehumidification heating, anti-freezing, anti-condensing.
Main Specifications
1. Power supply: AC220V±10%, 50Hz
2. Humidity control: when ≥90%RH, the control terminal outputs power supply voltage, when ≤75%RH, the control terminal releases
3. Temperature control: 0~50℃ adjustable, accuracy ±2℃ (temperature control range is subject to panel scale)
Control terminal output power supply voltage when ≤ set point temperature
≥Control terminal release when set point temperature +7℃
4. Output contact capacity: AC220V, 5A resistive (normally open, active)
5. Power consumption: ≤3W
6. Reliability and safety: meet the requirements of IEC834-1
7. Dimensions: 35mm rail type 48×48×114(mm) or panel embedded 48×48×95(mm)

DJR-U型电柜用不锈钢加热管主要用于SM6开关柜内部防潮,祛湿。特别适合柱形空间的安装,十分方便。带有接线盒,是进口加热管的替代品。外形尺寸:U形*310mm,R=15mm,Ф8.5mm 电压220V加热功率:50W;60W;75W;100W.  SRQ-U型电柜用加热管直径16mm,R=40mm,U形长度为440mm.电压:220V 功率:200W


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