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Ceramic heater


Ceramic heater

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1. Component structure
The thermal conductor of the coated (embedded) far-infrared ceramic electric heater is made of quartz glass with a silicon content of more than 95% and a high temperature resistance of 1800 degrees as the main raw material. The chemical reaction forms silicon dioxide with far-infrared performance and a surface glaze layer. It is composed of many kinds of oxides with good radiation performance. After high temperature sintering, it has the advantages of smooth, beautiful, wear-resistant and anti-corrosion.
The heating element is made of Cr20Ni80 resistance wire wound spirally, cast in the heat conductor and fired.
Both solid and hollow, black and white.
The insulation resistance is greater than 100 megohms, the emissivity is about 0.9, and the radiation wavelength is above 1-25 microns.
The chemical performance is very stable. In the dilute sulfuric acid solution, the heating body will be fully immersed for 24 hours without corrosive damage.
Because of its thermal efficiency, emissivity, safety factor, and energy saving, it has certain advantages. Compared with imported heaters, the price is only about 1/5 of the imported price.
The products are mainly used in blister machinery. They are also widely used in chemical, light industry, electronics, medicine, food and other industries.
2. The main technical parameters and performance of the product  
1. The flexural strength of the matrix is ​​440kg/cm2;   
2. The resistivity of the element at room temperature is 10 ohm/cm2;
3. Good chemical stability, strong corrosion resistance (good anti-oxidation effect);   
4. The non-radiative surface heat loss is small during use;   
5. The substrate is heated to 800℃ and placed in cold or cold water repeatedly for dozens of times without cracking;   
6. The radiating element is energized and heated to the rated power. Duan power penetrated cold water for forty times without damage;   
7. The maximum emissivity of the radiating element is greater than 0.9;
8. The energy saving effect is obvious, which is several times longer than that of silicon carbide components.  
The radiating elements produced by our company have complete specifications, and similar products with special specifications can be customized according to customer needs.
3. Product specifications
245*60mm, 122*60mm, 122*122mm
220V/400W, 220V/650W, 220V/1000W (can also be customized)
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