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Quartz heater


Quartz heater

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1. Product structure features:
The quartz radiant electric heater is also a quartz plate heater. It is specially developed for vacuum adsorption (plastic) molding machines according to the international advanced heating technology. It is a new type electric heating product integrated with multiple quartz radiant heating tubes. It uses a metal shell, a milky white far-infrared radiation quartz tube, a high-quality nickel-chromium alloy resistance wire of ultra-safe series, and a precise combination of high-frequency ceramic accessories (thermocouples can be built in as needed). Its special advantages: high emissivity, high radiation temperature, good integrity, high insulation strength; good thermal stability, uniform heating, high electrothermal conversion efficiency; fast heating, low thermal inertia, long service life; high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance , The thermochemical performance is stable, pollution-free, and easy to install. It can be used in conjunction with the traditional embedded ceramic heating tile (brick) to directly realize natural transition.
This product is completely comparable to imported heaters from abroad, and the price is only about 1/4 of imported heaters. It is the only updated product of traditional ceramic heating bricks, and it is also a substitute for imported equipment heaters.
2. Main technical parameters:
1. Rated voltage: 380V, 220V, 110V, 55V; (standard voltage: 220V);
2. Heating power: 300W-1000W; (standard power: 325W, 400W, 500W, 650W, 800W, 1000W)
3. Thermal response speed: within 1 minute;
Pin installation: (The material is generally imported non-stainless steel)
4. Surface temperature: low temperature type 100-460℃, medium temperature type 500-580℃; high temperature type 700-1100℃.
5. Spectral range: 2.5-6μm;
6. Spectral emission coefficient: 0.92 (wavelength is 4-8 μm; 11-25 μm).
3. Standard dimensions of available models: (customized with special specifications)
1. SFD-I type: 122±1mm*62±1mm*25mm; 132±1mm*62±1mm*25mm;
2. SFD-II type: 120±1mm*120±1mm;
3. SFD-III type: 242±1mm*62±1mm*25mm;
Bolt type installation: (Material is mainly stainless steel)
1. SFD-I type: 80mm*80mm*25mm; 122mm*62mm*25mm; 132*60*25;
2. SFD-III type: 248mm*62mm*25mm; 265mm*80mm*25mm; 280mm*80mm*25mm;
And various specifications of any length with a width of 62mm/80mm/120mm (*N times).
Special specifications can be customized.
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