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PTC heater use attention

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2019/04/30 21:43
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Useattention (1)ThePTCheatingplatehasthecharacteristicsofautomaticconstanttemperature,andtheself-heatingtemperaturealsohasahighestvalue,whicheffectivelypreventsdamagetoitselfandothercomponentsduetoexcessiveheatgenerationinelectricalequipment. (2)WhenthePTCheatingsheetisusedtoheatliquid(suchaswater),thePTCheatingsheetwillnotbedamagedaftertheliquidisdried. (3)IfthePTCheatingsheetisusedtoheatcoldair,thePTCheatingsheetwillnotbedamagedwhentheairisnotsupplied. (5)Longlife,useundernormalenvironment,lifecanreachmorethan10years. (6)Reliableoperation.ThetemperatureiscontrolledbytheinternalcharacteristicsofthePTCheatingplate,anditwillneverbeovertemperature. (7)Theoperatingvoltageisverywide:whentheoperatingvoltagechangesby2times,thechangeinsurfacetemperatureisverysmall. (9)WhenmultiplePTCheatersareusedtogether,theyshouldbeconnectedinparallelandnotinseries. (10)DifferentheatdissipationconditionsmaketheheatingpowerofPTCheatingfinsverydifferent. (11)Theheatingpowerisstablefromlargetosmallafterbeingenergized.Stablepowerisrelatedtotheuseconditions.ForthesamePTCheater,thepowermaybeseveraltimesdifferentunderdifferentconditions.Thefastertheheatdissipation,thegreaterthestablepower;thehigherthesurfacetemperatureofthePTC,thehigherthepower. (12)ThesurfacetemperatureofthePTCheatingelementiscontrolledbythePTCitself.Itcanalsobecontrolledbydisconnectingthecircuit,butitcannotbecontrolledbyadjustingthevoltage. (13)PTCitselfhashighreliabilityandlonglife,butifitisimproperlyassembled,theproductmayhaveunstablepowerandtemperature.
Use attention
(1) The PTC heating plate has the characteristics of automatic constant temperature, and the self-heating temperature also has a highest value, which effectively prevents damage to itself and other components due to excessive heat generation in electrical equipment.
(2) When the PTC heating sheet is used to heat liquid (such as water), the PTC heating sheet will not be damaged after the liquid is dried.
(3) If the PTC heating sheet is used to heat cold air, the PTC heating sheet will not be damaged when the air is not supplied.
(5) Long life, use under normal environment, life can reach more than 10 years.
(6) Reliable operation. The temperature is controlled by the internal characteristics of the PTC heating plate, and it will never be over temperature.
(7) The operating voltage is very wide: when the operating voltage changes by 2 times, the change in surface temperature is very small.
(9) When multiple PTC heaters are used together, they should be connected in parallel and not in series.
(10) Different heat dissipation conditions make the heating power of PTC heating fins very different.
(11) The heating power is stable from large to small after being energized. Stable power is related to the use conditions. For the same PTC heater, the power may be several times different under different conditions. The faster the heat dissipation, the greater the stable power; the higher the surface temperature of the PTC, the higher the power.
(12) The surface temperature of the PTC heating element is controlled by the PTC itself. It can also be controlled by disconnecting the circuit, but it cannot be controlled by adjusting the voltage.
(13) PTC itself has high reliability and long life, but if it is improperly assembled, the product may have unstable power and temperature.

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