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PTC heater principle and function

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2019/04/30 21:42
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PTCheaterprincipleandfunction ThePTCheaterproducedbythecompanyisdividedintocabletypeandterminaltype.ItusesPTCheatingcomponentsandcorrugatedaluminumstripstobecomposedofhightemperatureglue.ThistypeofPTCheaterhastheadvantagesofsmallthermalresistanceandhighheatexchangeefficiency.Itisanautomaticconstanttemperatureandpowersavingelectricheater.Oneofitsoutstandingfeaturesliesinitssafetyperformance.Inanyapplication,therewillbeno“redness”onthesurfaceofelectricheatingtubeheaters,whichwillcausesafetyhazardssuchasburnsandfire. Themostsignificantfeaturesare: 1.Savecostandlonglife. Becausetheheaterisnotonlymadeofspecialmaterials,butalsohasanintegratedchipconnectedinside,itcancontroltheheatingofitselfinrealtime,avoidingdamagetotheheatercausedbyexcessivetemperature,whichmakesitmuchlargerthanotherheaters.Life. 2.Safeandgreen. Thedesignoftheheaterbodycanbeheatedinmultiplegradesbelow200degreesCelsius. Thebodyisnotredandhasaprotectiveisolationlayer.Noinsulationmaterialsuchasasbestosisrequiredforanyapplication. Coolingtreatmentcanbeusedwithoutanyproblemssuchasscaldingandfire. 3.Saveelectricity. Comparedwithelectricheatingtubeandresistancewireheatingproducts,thisproductreliesonthecharacteristicsofthematerialandadjustsitsownthermalpoweroutputaccordingtothechangeofambienttemperature,soitcanoptimizethecontroloftheheater'spowerconsumptiontotheminimum,andatthesametime,amaterialwithhighheatingefficiencyItalsogreatlyimprovestheutilizationefficiencyofelectricenergy. Rapidheating,automatictemperaturecontrolincaseoffanfailure,longservicelife ·Widerangeofvoltage,canbedesignedaccordingtoneedsbetween12V-380V ·Convenientdesign,canbearbitrarilydesignedfromsmallpowertohighpower,theshapecanalsobedesignedaccordingtorequirements ·Noburning,safeandreliable,norednessandnoopenflamewhenPTCishot Inthecaseofsmallandmediumpowerheating,PTCheatershavetheadvantagesofconstanttemperatureheating,noopenflame,highheatconversionrate,minimalinfluencefrompowervoltage,longnaturallifeandothertraditionalheatingcomponents.FavoredbyR&Dengineers.
PTC heater principle and function
The PTC heater produced by the company is divided into cable type and terminal type. It uses PTC heating components and corrugated aluminum strips to be composed of high temperature glue. This type of PTC heater has the advantages of small thermal resistance and high heat exchange efficiency. It is an automatic constant temperature and power saving electric heater. One of its outstanding features lies in its safety performance. In any application, there will be no “redness” on the surface of electric heating tube heaters, which will cause safety hazards such as burns and fire.
The most significant features are:
1. Save cost and long life.
Because the heater is not only made of special materials, but also has an integrated chip connected inside, it can control the heating of itself in real time, avoiding damage to the heater caused by excessive temperature, which makes it much larger than other heaters. Life.
2. Safe and green.
The design of the heater body can be heated in multiple grades below 200 degrees Celsius.
The body is not red and has a protective isolation layer. No insulation material such as asbestos is required for any application.
Cooling treatment can be used without any problems such as scalding and fire.
3. Save electricity.
Compared with electric heating tube and resistance wire heating products, this product relies on the characteristics of the material and adjusts its own thermal power output according to the change of ambient temperature, so it can optimize the control of the heater's power consumption to the minimum, and at the same time, a material with high heating efficiency It also greatly improves the utilization efficiency of electric energy.
Rapid heating, automatic temperature control in case of fan failure, long service life
· Wide range of voltage, can be designed according to needs between 12V-380V
· Convenient design, can be arbitrarily designed from small power to high power, the shape can also be designed according to requirements
· No burning, safe and reliable, no redness and no open flame when PTC is hot
In the case of small and medium power heating, PTC heaters have the advantages of constant temperature heating, no open flame, high heat conversion rate, minimal influence from power voltage, long natural life and other traditional heating components. Favored by R & D engineers.

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